GoldenGeo's Grab a Grand!

Shout out to all the Students in Sheffield, the GoldenGeo Grab a Grand treasure hunt is on. It's a digital GoldRush in the Steel City. Hundreds of prizes hidden all over the city, gift vouchers, free stuff and cash prizes including £1000. For a chance of finding some of the stash, get your Geo on and keep your eyes peeled.

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How It Works

Download the MyGeo App using the links above.

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pick an @username and away you go.


Get your Geo on and keep your eyes peeled.


Invite a friend and both start searching.

Terms & Conditions
• Must have a valid student id to claim • Must be over 18 to claim age sensitive prizes • Offers & prizes may be withdraw without prior notice • Prizes are subject to availability

Winning users audits are used to determine no security issues, falsification of data, manipulation of the MyGeo app and or any systems within the mobile device.If a winner is deemed to have unfairly won a prize, MyGeo reserves the right to withhold any prize without notice or explanation.

MyGeo has no involvement and takes no responsibility for arranging, upholding or enforcing any agreement or agreements made by any party, group or user of the MyGeo app in respect and with regard to the sharing/swapping or sale of any prize.

MyGeo app deems the winner of the prize, GoldenGeo or GeoReward as being the @username of the account on the device which it was found, through the normal operations of the device and the MyGeo app.In any dispute, MyGeo app has sole discretion to make the final decision and or judgement.

Prizes, Gift cards and cash are delivered digitally, validated by winners email and device information. Valid bank details are required to make certain prizes claimable.

No prize is deemed found or won until the validation and verification process has taken place. MyGeo app users by claiming a GoldenGeo agree not to hold MyGeo Ltd responsible for cancellation, change or with-drawl of any prize, voucher or cash including alterations to the value or refusal by a 3rd party to honour any such prize.