Why It's Important To Use Your MyGeo Invites.

January 13, 2022

MyGeo is built to share by design, share a deal share an offer and see what all your friends are enjoying. When you find and grab a great promotion or deal we made we built in automatic share so your friends can grab a piece of the action.

Linking up with friends on MyGeo you get to see what deals your friends have used or stashed in their wallet, the more friends you link up with the more chances you have of grabbing great promotions.

Everyone you invite gets 2 invitations to start with, you can keep your network growing by linking up with their friends. We keep it secure when you're in app, we never share or show mobile numbers it's all about the user name.

How to use your invites

Click on the Social tab at the bottom of the screen, you'll see how many invites you have, scroll through your contacts and choose wisely. If you don't have any invites don't worry you'll find some more, keep an eye on your notifications.

Download the app and reserve your @name now and start building your MyGeo friends, get grabbing and Enjoy.

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