March 19, 2024

Download, Find, Grab & Win Prizes with the MyGeo App!

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Are you ready to turn your everyday cityscape into a thrilling treasure hunt? With MyGeo', an augmented reality (AR) adventure game, the streets of your city become a playground for exploration and excitement. Perfect for students and city dwellers across the UK, MyGeo invites you to Adventure, Find, Grab & Win rewards and prizes in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Why You'll Love MyGeo 🌟

  • Discover Hidden Gems: Explore parts of your city you’ve never seen before, all while hunting for prizes and rewards.
  • Compete with Friends: Connect with your mates in-app and turn your prize hunt into a friendly competition.
  • Share Your Triumphs: Flaunt your finds on social media with cool snapshots of your AR discoveries.
  • Stay Notified: Even when you're not in the app, MyGeo keeps you updated on nearby adventures.

How Does MyGeoWork? 🧭

Imagine stepping out of your door into a world where virtual treasures and challenges await at every corner. That's Geo for you!

  1. Adventure: Your smartphone becomes your compass to hidden Geo characters. These are not just any characters; they're your ticket to awesome prizes and rewards!
  2. Find: Use your phone's camera to uncover these hidden AR Geo characters. They could be lurking anywhere - near that famous landmark, in your favorite park, or just around the next corner.
  3. Grab: Once you spot a Geo character, it’s time to act fast! Be the first to claim it and grab fantastic prizes. The race is on!
  4. Win: From discounts at local stores to exclusive prizes, every grab is a chance to win something exciting.

Ready to Start Your Geo Adventure?

It's super easy to dive into the world of GeoGo. Just download the MyGeo app for FREE, sign up, and you’re all set to embark on your extra-reality treasure hunt. Whether you’re a student looking for some fun between lectures or a city dweller seeking a new way to explore your surroundings, GeoGo offers endless prizes and rewards.

Join the GeoGo Community

Not only is MyGeo an adventure, it’s a community. Share tips, form teams, and even help others in their quest. It's all about making discoveries and connections.

Your Next Step

Eager to start your MyGeo journey? Download MyGeo now (IOS) (Android) step outside, and let the adventure begin. Who knows what treasures you’ll uncover in the heart of your city?

Adventure with friends, find the GoldenGeo, and transform your city walk into a treasure hunt. Your Geo adventure starts now!