Geo Data Use

How we use the data your MyGeo collects

The data MyGeo collects is used by MyGeo platform and business users of the MyGeo platform to develop and improve the rewards they offer, position the rewards in places you are sure to find them and understand your response to the rewards. Business users also use the Data for internal analytical purposes to improve the GeoRewards/Promotions they offer. The data MyGeo app collects is anonymized for reporting and analytical purposes, aggregated for the production or reports and analysis to ensure individuals right to privacy.  

Location Services are and essential data source which enable MyGeo to match your location with GeoRewards/Promotions and future services MyGeo app may provide.  All data relating to location services MyGeo collects is anonymized to protect individuals’ privacy. This data may be used in the production of reports and for analytical purposes.We do not collect data across platforms, application, or browser which you have installed on your device.  

We do not knowingly share MyGeo data with any other application, platform or browser installed on your device.Contacts details MyGeo uses contacts to enable you to connect and share GeoRewards with each other.  Contact details are not shared and are never visible on the MyGeo app/Platform.  We don't allow unauthorised publishing or disclosure of people's contacts.

We collect device type data to ensure MyGeo app software is updated to provide the best user experience.

We collect information you provide at sign up for security, ensure compliance with platform age restrictions and for analytical purposes.

We collect MyGeo app usage data for analytical purposes to improve the MyGeo user experience.

How we share your personal data

We use MyGeo app users’ data internally for analytical purposes, to improve the operation of the MyGeo app and to maintain the security and performance of the platform. We aggregate and anonymize the data we collect to maintain individuals’ privacy. This information may be shared outside the MyGeo platform (listed below). We will never share information that identifies you as an individual unless expressly required to do so by the law within the jurisdiction you live.

If we share your data outside the EEA (European Economic area)

Aggregated anonymised forms of data which do not identify individuals from time to time may be used outside the EEA for Geo business support and development purposes.

Who we share your personal data with

We may share your data with any businesses or partners who use the MyGeo platform. However, this is only for in-app purposes and we will never share your private data with third parties.